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Student Stories… “just a few Andrew Price Academy success stories”

The Andrew Price Academy provides our students with a real head start in the industry. To date, all our graduates have gone on to a career in hairdressing.

Here are a few stories of our past and present students.


Katie joined the company in 1998 as an apprentice, she has progressed to the position of Master Designer in the Swansea Salon and is also on the team of Assessors.

I joined the group after leaving school and have worked my way up to Master Designer. Having got so much from studying and working within the group, I wanted to give something back. I achieved my NVQ Level 3, and decided that I would like to be an Assessor so that I could help other students to gain the qualifications they need to get the most out of their career.

Now I get great satisfaction from my clients, but also from the students that I assess. The Academy is a fantastic place to learn, I enjoyed it and now I love helping others to enjoy their education too.



Emma joined the group as a Designer in the Bridge Street Salon in Carmarthen 1998. Emma achieved her NVQ Level 3 with The Andrew Price Academy. Emma was a Master Designer in The Auction Rooms Salon in Carmarthen and in 2009 she became the franchisee for the Llanelli salon. She has also achieved her Assessor's Award, her Master Colour Specialist Certificate and Master Colour Expert Award.

When I joined the company, I was already qualified. I had my NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing and was happy with my job. It was only after spending sometime in the group that I realised I wanted more.

The standards are so high that I knew I wanted to improve and be the best that I could. I quickly decided to take my NVQ Level 3. I have always loved colour work, so I was thrilled when I was also given the opportunity to get my Master Colour Specialist Certificate.

The Andrew Price Academy has allowed me to continue to grow at every step of my career. It has shown me, that hairdressing is not just a job! I was more than delighted when I was also asked if i would like to become an Assessor, because it gave me the chance to help other people, and show them that hairdressing is a career.